Free Consultation

We will never charge for a consultation.  This is an opportunity for the client and family to ask questions of the attorney and see if the attorney can help in any way.  It is also an opportunity for the attorney to provide general information about the process and what to expect. Everything that is discussed is confidential and it is a good way to ease some anxiety about your case.

Free Jail Visit

Just as we don’t charge for consultations, we will never charge to visit the client in jail. Our law office believes that this is part of the consultation as it assists the attorney in understanding the true nature of the future representation. Mr. Hannant will personally visit with the accused to get a greater understanding of the case and see how he can help.

Payment Plans

Most people are not expecting or financially planning for criminal charges.  Therefore, it would be unreasonable for any criminal defense law firm to assume that the finances are readily available in a lump sum.  Thus, we strive to work out financial arrangements with each client and/or family so as to accommodate full representation.

Each payment plan is as unique as the case itself.  However, the most typical payment plan is a down payment (retainer) to assure that the attorney will be present at the next hearing.  After the retainer, the law firm will usually set up a bi-weekly payment plan.  Some individuals prefer weekly payments or payments of the 1st/15th of each month so as to coincide with their paychecks.  Mr. Hannant will seek to accommodate any of these requests to make the process as easy as possible.

Discounts and Payments

Jerry T. Hannant offers discounts for college students, current and former members of the military, paying in full, or for setting up automatic payments.

We accept most forms of payments.  It is not uncommon for clients to pay by personal checks, PayPal, wires, money orders, cash, or credit cards.  Our firm will accept any of these forms of payments.

Need to Make a Payment?

You can call Mr. Hannant to arrange for payment at any time over the phone or you can pay via your invoice without needing a PayPal account. At the time of the sign-up we can also set you up with automatic billing through your credit card.