ExpungementExpungement is the process of going to court to ask a judge to seal a court record. In North Carolina you can petition the court to clear your juvenile or adult record based on certain parameters set by the law. Many people do not realize that arrest records, criminal charges, and criminal convictions are a matter of public record. Because this information is easily available, having criminal arrest records, charges or convictions on your record can negatively affect you in many different ways. Having a record can affect opportunities for employment, education, housing, loans, licenses, certifications and more.

Based on when you were arrested or convicted, your age at the time, and the charges involved you can hire an attorney to help “expunge” your record. This can help in practical ways, such as when looking for a job, and also can provide peace of mind. Contact Jerry T. Hannant today to get a free consultation that will examine if you are eligible and decide the legal steps to take from there.