Juvenile DelinquencyJuvenile Delinquency refers to criminal acts committed by children or teenagers, specifically anyone below the age of eighteen.

Juvenile law is a very specialized field within criminal law. You want an attorney who has had significant practice in Juvenile court to best help your child. It varies drastically from adult criminal court. The Juvenile court system has an incredible amount of power over your child once he or she enters the system. Thus, it is of the utmost of importance to consult an attorney if this should happen to you. The court can place the child in custody, order that he or she be taken out of the home, placed on probation, sent to a rehabilitation center, amongst other restrictions. The good news is unlike the adult system the juvenile court aims to best help your child rather than punish. You can also fight the case at trial just like an adult case.

Jerry T. Hannant is a former prosecutor who prosecuted juvenile delinquent crimes as well as defended them. Contact us today if you wish to consult with Mr. Hannant about your child’s legal situation.