Traffic ViolationsTraffic violations law covers any number of unlawful activities involving a motor vehicle. These laws deal with moving violations like drunk driving and speeding, as well as violations based on the condition or status of a vehicle, such as expired registration.

If you have been cited for a traffic violations you have several options. For the less serious offenses you may wish to simply handle the matter yourself. You may also notice you will receive several letters in the mail from firms offering to deal with the matter for a low cost. That usually entails the lawyer going to court and getting you a reduced punishment. However, if you wish to fight the ticket in court by having a hearing or trial we suggest talking to an experienced criminal defense attorney. In addition, if you plead guilty or responsible to a traffic offense you will likely obtain points on your license.

In North Carolina, if you accumulate seven points or more, you may be assigned to a Driver Improvement Clinic. The fee is $50 and upon completion 3 points will be deducted from your record. If you obtain as many as 12 points or more within a 3 year period, your license may be suspended. For most traffic violations your presence in court is not required and may be waived if you have an attorney. Thus, Mr. Hannant is always welcome to help answer your traffic and/or license issue questions.